Monthly Archives: February 2015

Life or Death (Alpha)

Recently on the RPG Maker VX Ace Steam Workshop I discovered an amazing game called “Life or Death.” It’s currently still in development, but if you want to try it out (assuming you have RPG Maker VX Ace in Steam) then here’s the link:


Channel Update

My video series on YouTube ‘The Gaming Cousins’ is officially on hold for awhile. First, we have to actually record episodes. Sometimes it’s easy to come up with dates to record videos, sometimes it’s not. Recently it hasn’t been easy. Second, I also spend more time editing TGC than any other series, so that has become quite challenging recently to edit them. So, I will be stopping this series for a bit. Thanks for your understanding. God bless!

First Call for Playtesters!

The time is nearly at hand to gather playtesters for my game, The Power Saga (Still working on the title). If you would be interested in playtesting it once it’s ready, fill out the form below:

I personally would prefer about 5 different people to playtest, so basically first come, first serve. I’m hoping to have the first available version ready around April, so keep checking the site for more updates as they become available. You could always try the demo available below:

Christian Gaming Channels

Wow! It’s been a long time since I posted on here. Goodness…

Anyway, back to the point. I started a new gaming channel you can check out below: (The Christian Gamer)

I also found an amazing amount of really cool christian gaming channels you really should check out: (XinoGamez) (Christ Centered Gamer) (Armored Believer) (ChristianGamer101) (Christw4rrior) (Crazy SongCat) (cautiousletsplays)

Check out these channels and be sure to support them. The more we “clutter up” Youtube with clean gaming videos the more we can help people find clean gaming videos.