Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse Walkthrough

Starting the Game:
Freddi Fish and her pal Luther are going to school. Luther almost made them late because he had to grab his action figure. Go right in the direction where the sign is pointing. Go to the schoolhouse. When you get there, you find out that the school is haunted by a ghost, and that the ghost is stealing the guppy’s toys. Suddenly… DUN DUN DUN! The Ghost appears and steals Luther’s toy! Freddi states that she will find the ghost and get back all of the toys. Go left into the hallway. Here is where you will collect the first item in the game. There should be scissors on a shelf. Grab it. You’ll need it later. Go left again. Then go left again (Boy, aren’t there a lot of left turns already?). The Ghost goes into a secret passageway under the school. The Ghost loses the toy. The ghosts’ costume rips and the ghost gets away. WAIT… Its costume ripped? It’s a phony! I knew it!(Of course I knew it! I played this game over and over as a kid!) Freddi figures out a very good trap to catch the ghost. You must find five more things to finish the trap. Due to the randomness of the game, you may get one thing or another. Here are all of the possible things to get: A rope, a pulley, a mock-stock-mibble-bop-wopper-bopper, a divers helmet, a life preserver, a trident, a wheel, and a cork. That’s all.
The Secret Passage:
To see more of the secret passage, go right. From here on into the game, there may be purple sea urchins randomly placed all throughout the game. If you need a pulley for the trap, grab the urchins. If not, then you can just collect them. Go right again. If you need a rope for the trap, there will be a book about untying knots you’ll need. Pick it up. There should be an air duct in the ground. Go in it. If you need a wheel for the trap, there will be a wrench that you’ll need. If you need a cork, it will be stuck to a pipe. You have to get the pipe from the ancient ruins (Later on in the ancient ruins section). If you don’t need a cork, there will already be a pipe in place. That’s all in the secret passage.
Outside of the Schoolhouse:
You can go outside of the schoolhouse to find the four main sections of the game: The Sunken Ship, The Tide pools, The City, and the Ancient Ruins. The five things you need are in these five locations. Let’s get going!
The Sunken Ship:
Go left to the sunken ship. If you need the divers’ helmet, it will be on the scarecrow. Oh stink! It’s snagged on the kelp. No problem! Just use the scissors from the schoolhouse to cut it free. Keep going left. Here you will find two places to go: a cave, or the sunken ship. Go to the sunken ship. Here you might find a rope. Use the book from the schoolhouse on the rope and follow the directions on the right page that matches the knot to free the rope. Go inside the ship. If you need a wheel, it will be there. Use the wrench from the secret passage to get the wheel unstuck. There also might be oil, that is, if you need the cork. Go back out of the ship and up. Go up again to go to the cave. If you need the live preserver, it will be there. But Eddy the Eel, who is also electric, won’t let you by because he missed lunch and he’s taking it out on you. Don’t be offended. He probably doesn’t mean it. If you have the worm doodle from the ancient ruins, give it to Eddy, and he leaves. Grab the life preserver. That’s all in the sunken ship area.
The Tide Pools:
In front of the schoolhouse to your top left is the tide pool area. Go there. On your way, you might find a purple sea urchin. Go up and left. You are above the surface, and you can still breathe. And you’re a fish. Oh, never mind. Click on the tide pools closest to each other. When you get across, you will go underwater. There are two places, above the surface or into a dark spooky cave. Go left. When you get to the surface, you might see a purple sea urchin up on a rock ledge. The only way to get it is to get the slingshot from Casey in the Ancient Ruins (Later on). Use the slingshot to hit the urchin and knock it out of the ledge. If you don’t need the pulley, though, the urchin won’t be there. Go left for Luther’s favorite game, crab invaders! All you do is help Luther spit at crabs and not to let them get past Luther. Anyway, once you’re done, click on the flashing arrow. Go right to the dark and spooky cave. Inside is Mr. Triplefin. If you have the card (from the Hall of Fame), give it to him. He gives you the lock, and now you can listen to him tell funny jokes and sing corny songs. Where’s the door to this guys house? There’s a porch, but no door. Maybe he lives on the porch. Nah. Well, that’s all for the tide pool area.
The City Area:
Go back to the main area, and go up-right. On the way, you’ll meet Ray. He’s another one of those I-won’t-help-you-until-you-help-me kind of characters. If you need the mock-stock-middle-snop… (oh, forget it!) thing, he has it. You have to give him a trophy. But where will you get a trophy? Go right. Here is the city area. There are three places here: The Pulley Emporium, The Hall of Fame, and the Movie Theater. Go right. If you needed a pulley, and got five purple sea urchins, buy a pulley. If you don’t need a pulley, he doesn’t have any in stock. Figures…. Go out and now go up to the Hall of Fame. If you need the Mock thingamabob, click on the trophy case. It’s locked. A card fell to the ground. It tells you where to go to get the combination. Bring it to Mr. Tripplefin (In the tide pool area) and get the combination. Bring it back and get the trophy case open. Bring the trophy to Ray, and he gives you the… the… THING! If you go back to the city area, you can watch short films at the theater. That’s all in the city area.
The Ancient Ruins:
At the main area, go right to the ancient ruins. You’ll meet Casey. Go into the hole to get her glasses. As soon as Luther starts bouncing between the orange/yellowish stuff, quickly click down-left. The glasses are on a rock. Go left instead. Casey gives you a cool looking slingshot. Now you can get the sea urchin in the tide pool area up on the rock. Go right. You will either find a pipe (from the bottom of the schoolhouse) or nothing. Click on the pipe if it’s there. Use the oil (from the sunken ship) to free Tucker, and bring the pipe to the cork in the bottom of the schoolhouse. Go right. You might find the trident here. If so, click on the roof. Here, you have to click on tiles until the space above the trident is empty. Click on the trident. After you’re done, go right. You might find the worm doodle here, but it’s on a hook. Use the scissors on the fishing line to get the worm doodle. Now you can give Eddy the worm doodle (The Sunken Ship section) and get the life preserver. That’s all for the Ancient Ruins.
Quick Reference Guide:
Rope: Sunken Ship
Pulley: Pulley Emporium
Mock Stock Mibble Bop Wopper Bopper: Ray
Life Preserver: Edy the Eels cave
Divers Helmet: Scarecrow
Trident: Statue
Wheel: Sunken Ship
Cork: Duct
What to use:
Here’s another reference guide to all the things you need to get the things for the trap:
Rope: Knot Book
Pulley: 5 Purple Sea Urchins
Mock Stock Mibble Bop Wopper Bopper: Trophy
Life Preserver: Worm Doodle
Divers Helmet: Scissors
Trident: Logic (haha)
Wheel: Wrench
Cork: Pipe


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