Super Mario 63 (Ongoing)

(I have yet to complete this walkthrough.)
Super Mario 63 Walkthrough
By: Austin Rose
Okay, here is my walkthrough for an online game called Super Mario 63. You can find it on Enjoy!
(1) Intro:
Okay, so, the story here goes like this: The toads are talking about Mario’s Surprise party at the castle. The camera zooms out, and we see a lot of Mushroom Kingdom. Suddenly, a warp pipe appears, and Mario jumps out! Thus starts an amazing journey.
(2) Mushroom Kingdom Tutorial 1:
So, this place doesn’t need a walkthrough. Just work on it. It will show you how to play the game.
(3) Story:
Mario gets to the castle. When he gets there, Bowser attacks the castle. His sidekick Kamek is also there. Kamek knocks Mario unconscious. All of the toads abandon the castle. Princess Peach is captured by Bowser. Kamek destroys the shine sprite orb. Mushroom Kingdom is now dark. Bowser and Kamek leave and start a search for “It.” Who knows what that is. Anyway, Eddie the Toad wakes up Mario. He tells him that he is the last toad left in Mushroom Kingdom. Mario finds a shine sprite! Eddie says that he thought they were destroyed, but they were just SCATTERED! He tells Mario to follow him into the castle. This is where the walkthrough begins.
(4) The First Star:
Go into the castle by hitting the up button in front of the door. Eddie tells you to follow him. Go up the stairs and through the door. Eddie tells you to take the sling star instead of the elevator, but it’s okay to use either. When you’re up, go to the right. Mario throws the shine sprite in the air and it forms the shine sprite orb once again. Eddie will stay and guard it from Bowser. Sure, he already burned a toad, so he probably won’t hurt you!
(5) Bomb-omb Battlefield:
Opening notes:
Well, this is the first level of the game. It’s also the first level of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. If you own or have played Super Mario 64, you will notice that most of this game is taken from SM64. Well, enjoy Bomb-omb Battlefield, which is probably the easiest level in the entire game.
Battle with King Bomb-omb
Go downstairs and all the way to the left. The first door is the only DOOR open, but you can get on the doors leading to the upstairs place and jump up. You can also get on the left elevator in the upstairs place leading to the shine orb and jump to the left, but we’ll get to that later. Back to the door. Go inside. Inside, you’ll find a painting. Jump in by getting under it and press up. Hit z or x to enter the level. Starting in this level, there are star coins hidden everywhere. I can’t tell you where all of them are, but if you jump in the cannon and go directly up, you’ll get your first one. Go right for a while until you get to the FLUDD. Get it. It will be VERY useful later when we get to the mountain. Keep going right until you get to the mountain. Go up the mountain, being very careful about falling rocks. Use the hover FLUDD to jump over it. When you get to the top, you will meet the Bomb-omb King, who challenges you to a duel. You have to accept, even if you’d rather do something else. He won’t let you grab him from behind, so you have to wait until he throws a bomb. When he does, spin attack with ‘x’, and he will lose a life. Do this three times and you win. Be careful. Sometimes he will jump up and create shocking booms on the ground. Jump over them. They will injure you, forcing you to lose a life. Also, don’t let him grab you, or he will throw you off the mountain, killing you. As soon as you defeat him, you get a Shine Sprite as your reward. Congratulations! You have two stars!
The Floating Island in the Sky
Okay, start the level and go to the right until you get to Chain Chomp’s gate. As soon as you get to the cannon, go up on that hill and keep going right until you get to the clouds. Keep going. Follow the floating clouds until you get to the sign with the wing cap. If you have FLUDD activated, go to the pause menu and turn it off, or, hit shift. Oh wait, you’re not supposed to know that yet. Oh well, you were bound to learn it sometime. Grab that star, which is also the wing cap. Hop in the cannon and blast off to your right. When you get to the floating island, be careful. The wind might knock you off. Grab the Shine Sprite! Congrats! You have three stars!
The Five Silver Stars
Well, startup Bomb-omb Battlefield. Start going to the right until you reach the second cannon. You’ll see a slingstar. Jump on it and fly up to the top by pressing x. Once you’re up, you will see a sign. There are 5 silver stars in this part. The first: Go back down and find the second cannon. Get in it and blast partly to the left. The second: On the spinning platforms, in the middle. The third: Get on the slingstar on the small cloud, and blast by pressing x. The fourth: Go to the left across the falling wood. Get on the logs leading up. The fifth: Over to the far left are spinning platforms. Across those is a small cloud with a bomb-omb and Silver Star. Grab the star, but be careful not to let the bomb-omb knock you off. Back on the main giant cloud is the shine sprite. Grab it. Congratulations! You have four stars!
Collect the Eight Red Coins
Okay, there are eight red coins scattered through the entire level. The first: Start going right until you see two blocks stacked up on each other. Spin attack the boxes, and they break. There is a coin here. The second: Keep going right and get on the hill thing. It’s right there on the rock. The third: On the hill, keep going until you get to the Goomba between the two tree stumps. It’s on the tree stump on the far left. The fourth: Keep going right past where the first FLUDD of the level is. Keep going until you get to Chomp’s Gate. It’s on the tree stump there. The fifth: Go to the hill leading to the Silver Star level. It’s right there. The sixth: Go to the place where you go that leads to the island in the sky. Keep going until you reach the hover FLUDD box. It’s on the cloud just above it. Grab the FLUDD (if you haven’t already) and fly up to the mini cloud. The seventh: Keep going on the path leading to the island in the sky until you reach the green platform going up and down diagonally. It’s on the cloud that the green platform leads to. The eighth: Go back to the mountain where the king Bomb-omb is. Keep going right until you see a black hole in the shape of a square. Above it is a coin. Grab it. Then, go back to the first area where you started the level. The Shine Sprite Should be there. Grab it. Congrats! You have 5 Stars!
The Secret of the Mountain
Go to the mountain where you fought King Bomb-omb. Get to the wall on the far right. It looks like two lines are in the mountain. Go inside. The camera shows you a shine sprite. Start going right until you reach the arrow. Wait for the platform and jump on. It will go up. Stay on it. Then, you will see a box of Hover FLUDD. Grab it if you don’t already have FLUDD, or if you need a refill. Then go right. Get on the colorful block, but be careful. It might knock you off the level. Get on the wood platform. Then get on the two white looking boxes, but just like the colorful one, they too can knock you off of the level. Keep going right. There are several platforms. Be careful here, too. One bad move and you can lose your footing and fall off of the level. If you get on the highest platform, wait a minute. Another green platform that goes from left to right will come. Get on it and be careful. Wait until it gets to the star coin. If you wanted a star coin, that was a good one. Go back to the right and get on the wooden platform. Then, you’ll see a bunch of coins and mini clear white boxes. Be careful here, too. One false move and you’ll fall out of the level. Now you will get to a platform with golden boxes going up and down. Go up on the boxes. Once you’re towards the top, you will see a shine sprite. Grab it. Congrats! You have 6 Shine Sprites. One more thing. If you fall down off of a platform and fall out of the level, you will not die yet. You will land just outside of the secret of the mountain.
Conclusion of Bomb-omb Battlefield:
Well, good job! You’re now up to 6 Shine Sprites. If you grabbed enough Star coins, you have unlocked The Level designer, which is on the far right side of the castle in the big star door. Up next is Snowman’s land.
(6) Snowman’s Land:
Opening notes:
This is another level from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. This level is actually upstairs on SM64, but the downstairs room in SM64 is different. This level might be harder to write, but I’ll try to explain each step as well as I can.
Star Coin:
This is just something totally unrelated to Snowman’s land, but I figured, since this WAS in the Snowman’s Land room, I thought it should be included here. Go to the small star door right next to Bomb-omb Battlefield room. Go inside (Assuming you got enough Shine Sprites to go in.). Go over to the picture. Just beside it is a toad who looks sad. Talk to him using Z. He tells you that his friend was lost in here. Go to the right of the room and jump once. You will find a secret passage. Go to the right of the passage. You will see a toad who looks like he’s sleeping. Spin attack the block there using x. You’ll also see a star coin. Grab it. Then talk to the toad by pressing Z. He leaves. That’s how to get a star coin in this room.
The Snowman’s Head
Well, it’s time to start the level. Go to the painting and jump in it if you haven’t already. Start going right. Then get on the platforms leading to the ice platform. Then get on the floating platform. Now you should be able to see the giant snowman. Isn’t he BIG? Right. Anyway, get on the wooden thing. Don’t fall, because if you do, you will die. This next part is kind of difficult. As soon as you get to the hill going down, dive in the bomb-ombs. You might blow up, but it’s difficult to get anywhere otherwise. Keep going right. You will get to the rock. Jump on it, and jump on the platform. On the longer platform up is a Goomba. Jump to the right side of the platform and spin attack as fast as you can using the x button. Next, you jump on the green platforms going up and down. If there is a penguin, try spin attacking to knock him down. Sometimes the penguins help you, but not now. When you get on the higher green platform, jump up onto the snow platform and go right. Now is a hard part. Jump over the penguin if he’s there and get to the edge of the snow. Jump on the Koopa Troopa and hurry to the bridge thing. Jump on the penguin and onto the tiny snow platform. Be careful. If you fall, you lose a life and start this part all over again, which usually throws me off. Get on the spinning gray platforms, but don’t get too comfortable, because if you stay too long, you will fall and die. Go up on the snow where the Goomba is. Go down and be careful as you jump on the snow blocks going up and down. The green platforms that spin is where you need to go next. The next snow blocks spin, so be careful jump up onto the snow ground. You will now see a house-like structure. Keep going right, because the Sling Star is for later. Now you will see the house. You can’t go in, because it’s locked. Keep going right until you get to a platform with a bluish-green button. When you push it down, an invincibility star appears. Get it. Several bigger enemies will come, but they can’t hurt you, because you’re INVINCIBLE!!!! Quickly go left and you will see a platform. Get on it. While you are going up, you will see a star coin. If you are still invincible, you can get it. If not and you want it, go back, grab the invincibility star and go faster. When you get to the top, you will get on a wooden platform. Then, jump on a snow thing with a water bottle on it. Next, get on the green platform. When you get going, jump over each of the penguins. Now, when you reach the end, jump onto the snow. Go right. You will pass by an igloo, but, for now, leave that alone. Keep going right. Now you are at the snowman. Jump on the snow platforms. Get on the green platform. When you reach the end, jump onto the snow. You will see ice things going from right to left. Jump over them. If you miss, you will fall off of the platform. Now get on the wood thing. Go up. You will now see an ice platform with wood. Jump on it. Now start jumping on the light bluish spinning platforms. Next, jump on the ice thing. Jump on the next one with the Goomba on it. Now jump on the two smaller ice platforms. Jump onto the wooden platform. There is a shy guy. You should probably knock him off. Get the FLUDD. It will serve a very good use. Now jump up onto the spinning wooden platforms until you reach the top. There will be a Goomba on the wooden platform. Jump onto the spinning green platforms. After these are the flying penguins. Jump on them until you get to the sling star. There is also a star coin, but it’s kinda hard to get. Blast in the slingstar upwards with X. Next, go past the wooden platform and onto the penguins. You can use the FLUDD to skip through a lot of this. Past the penguins is another wooden platform. Jump onto the ice platform. Go to the green platforms going up and down. Get on them. When you get to the top of the second one, you will see penguins. You can jump on them, but I would use the FLUDD to get it. Past the penguins is a Shine Sprite. Grab it. Congratulations! You have seven shine sprites! (Whew! I am so relieved that that is over! Oh great! Time for the next one.)
The Iceblock Maze
Oh, great, just great! An Icy Maze! Brilliant. Okay, when you start the level, start going left as soon until you get to the next area. If you haven’t already, activate FLUDD by pressing the ‘shift’ key. There will be two blocks in your way. Either hover over it or spin attack them with x. Keep going left. Next will be a cliff with an icy platform with a box of FLUDD. There will be another icy platform with two coins and a Koopa Troopa on it. I would just hover over that completely until you get to the next platform. Next is an icy platform with another platform that goes up and down. It is possible to get the star coin under the platform, but you must be careful. You could get squished getting it. Next is a single ice platform. Get on that, then get on one of the three floating platforms. There are three icy platforms going up and down. Either hover over it or be super cautious. Get on the two icy platforms, then jump onto the island thing with the toad on it. Break the two breakable ice blocks. Then jump up onto the icy platform next to the orange block, and break it using x. Then, there are more icy platforms going up and down. Be careful, because these squish you easily. Go to the platform going up and down on the far right. When it goes up, find the blocks that can be broken and break it. Go up. Next, spin attack the orange block, go up, and slam down on the ice breakable block by jumping up and pressing z. Congratulations! You have 8 shine sprites. You can now enter the giant star door. But, be sure to stick around for the next level, or skip ahead to the giant star door later on.
Chief Chilly
Well, go left until you reach the FLUDD box. Use fludd to get you to the platform that goes up and down, you know, the one with the star coin. Instead of going to the ice maze, go left until you reach Chief Chilly. To defeat him, you have to knock him off of the platform 3 times. You can use hover fludd to knock him off by using it while you’re diving, or if you’ve unlocked Turbo FLUDD, you can use that too. Collect the shine sprite. Great! You have 9 shine sprites now!
8 Red coins
Well, start the level and go left until you reach an arrow. Jump on it, and you’re in a cannon. Shoot straight up and you land on a cloud. Go right and you will see a star. It’s actually a wing cap, and you’ve used them before, so you should be fine in using it. Triple jump right and you’ll see a red coin, er, two red coins. Grab them if you can. It usually takes me a few attempts to get them. There’s also a star coin too. Now, go back to the cloud, and refresh the wing cap. Now triple jump right and you’ll see a third one. Now, go right until you reach the mountain. Use that sling star on the cabin all the way to the right. When you land, grab the red coin that’s right there. Go left across the platforms that go up and down. The red coins are all along the mountain. The Shine Sprite is at the bottom area of the mountain. Good Job! You got 10 shine sprites. Now you can go the backyard of the castle, which we’ll discuss later on.
The Secret of the Igloo
Well, start the level and go to the area where you had to get the invincibility cap. Go up and left past the flying penguins and to the igloo. Fly up, break the bricks in your way and go into the igloo. Go right down into the downward hallway. Oh great! You lost your FLUDD!!! You have the metal cap now, so be careful. Go to the right, being very careful not to drown. If you fall down to the bottom, you’ll die, because, with the metal cap, you can’t swim. As soon as you make it across, get the invisibility cap. You can’t get the shine sprite, because the platform it’s on you can’t stand on with invisibility. Go right until you reach the sling star. Fly in the sling star by pressing ‘X’ and launch. Now you have an invincibility star, and you can’t get hurt. Go right, and when you make it to the place where the invisibility star is, go down, but not all the way. Now go right, very carefully. Now go up and get the shine sprite. Good job! 11 shine sprites! That’s all for Snowman’s Land.
(7) The Backyard of the Castle:
Opening notes:
Do you want a green shine sprite? If you do, PLAY THIS LEVEL!!!
Boss Fight:
Go to the main hallway of the castle and go through one of the doors closest to the entrance of the castle. Go through the double doors (not the one with the key). Go right. Keep going until the area looks brighter. Spin with ‘X’ to open that box. There’s a 1-up inside. Go right. Oh, boy. Kamek is there, and he’s not too happy. Now the hard part begins. Kamek will throw shape things at you, and you have to dodge them. Some of them, when they hit the ground, will turn into an enemy, and others will blow up. Every once in a while, a blue coin will come, so if you need healed, get one. Eventually, Kamek will start flying, but it doesn’t really make it harder. Kamek will sometimes put his hand in the air, and then a bunch of Bomb-ombs will fall from the sky, so spin attack those with ‘X’, or just plain dodge them. Soon, he will throw one of those shape things at one of the walls, and a pipe will appear. Those drop Goombas, so be careful. Sometime, he will quit, saying he wasted too much time here. He drops a goomba, then puts some weird dust on top of it. It grows into a GIANT GOOMBA BOSS. He’s very easy to beat. All you have to do is jump above his head and press ‘Z’, and you bust him on the head. Do this three times. Sometimes, he’ll fly up into the air. Run around, and don’t let him hurt you. When you hit him 3 times, he dies, and you get a- GASP! A Green Shine Sprite! You get to use this later when you unlock the basement level. Congrats! 12 Shine Sprites!
(8) Shifting Sand Land
Opening Notes:
This is the first mini-course of the entire game. You may recognize it from Super Mario 64 where it appears in a secret wall. In this one it’s just a picture, though. Sorry.
Inside the Pyramid
Okay, go to the door on the far right side of the level (Not the big star door) and go into it (If you’ve collected enough shine sprites). If you go to the left when you enter the room, you can find a hidden passage that leads to the Bob-omb battlefield room, and you can also get a FLUDD in the passage. It’s blocked at the top, though, and you can’t go upstairs because Bowser blocked the passage. Well, that stinks. Go to the painting in the room and enter it. Start the level and go right until you reach a giant pyramid. Go inside through the passage by pressing up. You end up inside a huge pyramid dungeon thing. Start going right and kill the Goomba so he doesn’t knock you into the sand. Inside, from now on, all of the sand is that lightning sand stuff from the Princess Bride movie. Go past the 3 platforms that move up and down, and go to the safer looking platforms that have coins on them. You’ll see some rotating green platforms and the pendulum things. I would suggest not going on the green ones, because you can die very easily on them. Go on the wooden ones instead and get over to the platform that goes back and forth instead of dying like I always do. Get on the mini-platform with the two coins and kill the Goomba that’s trying to kill you. Get on the green platform that is in the wire stuff and get on the stairs that are floating for some reason. Jump over to the platform to your left without falling (you might want to use the spin move to be safe, or a triple jump, or a double jump, or a normal jump, whichever you prefer). There are some platforms that go up and down and will crush you and make you use a ton of life, so get through there, hopefully without getting crushed. Get on the green platform to get to the next area. Kill the Goomba and grab the FLUDD pack, because it will be a lot easier to get through here with one. Get through the platforms that move around in different ways (with help from the FLUDD,) and get on the green platform that will take you to another area. There’s a blue coin here, and it will definitely give you some life back if you got injured earlier. Break those boxes (or use FLUDD) and get on the next green platform to get up to the maze (or use FLUDD). Break the boxes and get to the top of the maze to get your Shine sprite. Oh yeah, there’s also a star coin there, so get it. Congrats! You got 13 Shine sprites!
Trekking for 8 Red-Coins
I will just give you a brief list of where all of the coins are, because this walkthrough is already way to stinking long:
1 In the box under the first building.
2 Next to the tree on the right side of the first building.
3 Inside the sand hill (You’ll need the invisibility star to get in the hill).
4 On top of the hill
5 On top of the pillar
6 On top of the other pillar
7 Inside the cage (You’ll need the invisible star on top of the first building).
8 On the cloud next to the cage across the green spinning platforms.
The Shine sprite is on the building where you started the level. 14 Shine sprites! WAHOO!!
Shining Atop the Ancient Pyramid
Start the level and triple jump onto the first building (or cheat and use FLUDD like me). Get onto the sling star and start going right onto the green and light blue platforms. Take the green platform over to the sling star over to the pyramid. Climb the platforms (or use FLUDD like me) and get your shine sprite prize! 15 shine sprites. The next level is… Bowser!
Note: At the end of the walkthrough, I’ll explain all of the secret shine sprites and how to get through them. If you’ve seen some secret levels, I’ll get to them later.
(9) Bowser in the Dark World:
Opening Notes:
Boy, the title sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? This level appears in Super Mario 64, and it’s about 10 times scarier than in this version. Well, now that I’ve scared you… BOO! Enjoy!
Bowser in the Dark World
Go up to the big star door in the right side of the castle and go inside. Hey, it’s a picture of Peach! Guess we’re going to save her! Walk over to the painting to jump in! Whoops! There was a trap door, and the picture changed to Bowser. Stink. Well, go left past the gray platforms that go up and down. Hey, a bully! You actually can’t kill them unless you knock them into lava or off of the level. We’ll be fighting more of those later on in the game. Anyway, go to the right past the green platforms also going up and down, except this time, you can get crushed by them and die. Stink. There is a Thwomp here, and you need to jump on him to get up to the left gray platform. Jump on the spinning green platforms and kill that flying Koopa, cause he deserves it. Jump to the next green platform which has 3 Goombas on it. Kill them and continue to the cube that goes up and down. Get on the pendulums or the green platforms and get onto the other platform that has a bully on it. Knock the bully down and keep going right until you see a very nice gray long platform. Run!!! There are a bunch of Thwomps that can and will kill you. Get on the green platform, which turns out to be an elevator, or as Bowser tells you, an “evil” elevator. Really, it doesn’t seem that evil, until a bunch of Thwomps start trying to crush you. Dodge them and get to the top. Jump up and get across the swinging platforms, killing any enemies that get in your way. Oh look! A bullet launcher! Oh look. A bullet. If you jump on his head, he dies, so don’t be scared. Climb to your left and jump in the pipe to battle Bowser!
Optional thing: Do you see that red coin that is over the edge of the platform? Jump down to get it and lean to the right. Look! A FLUDD pack! Grab it and fly to the right and get the secret star coin! Yay!
Secret Shortcut: Go to the place where you started the level. Remember the green platforms moving up and down? There is a green platform under the ones that can crush you. Jump on it and quickly press the down button. If done correctly, you’ll get to the Bowser battle faster. Either way, it’s time to battle your nemesis!
Bowser Battle
You fall onto a platform and Bowser tells you exactly how to beat him. Thanks Bowser! Thanks! Basically, dive into his tail, spin him around by pressing left and right repeatedly and let go with “C”. Oh, he didn’t tell you the C button part. Well I just did! Do this three times, and Bowser dies. He doesn’t actually die, though. He actually teleports. He drops a key, though, thankfully, and you grab it. Yay! Now you can go to the basement. As soon as you get out, though, Bowser uses the key to teleport you. Great. Another tutorial.
(10) Mushroom Kingdom Tutorial 2
Just like the last tutorial, I won’t give you a walkthrough. I’ll let you figure it all out yourself.


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