Terraria: Tips for Beginners

When you first start playing the amazing game, Terraria, you may be wondering what to do first. Well, I’m gonna tell ya.
First off, you’ll notice that, when starting with a new character, you already have a few items: A sword, an axe and a pickaxe. The sword is used to kill enemies, the axe is used to harvest wood and other things, and the pickaxe is used to pick up materials.
1. Chop wood, build a shelter and build a work bench.
Right after spawning into your new level, you’ll want to start harvesting wood right away. I reccommend getting about 100+ wood. Left click on the base of the trees to start harvesting. Then build a shelter by selecting the wood and placing it down. You can craft by pressing “escape” on the keyboard and looking at the section at the middle-left about crafting. Build a workbench and place it down. That will give you more things to craft.
2. Killing enemies, go inside at night time.
When slime start attacking, attack them back using the sword. You can craft a better sword once you get the crafting bench, but if you haven’t built it yet, use the short sword. The slime will drop gel, which you can use to make torches, and torches keep an area lit. When night time approaches, here’s a big tip: STAY INSIDE!!! At night time, floating eyeballs and zombie-like creatures come out and try to kill you. If you build a door, the zombies can kick it down. If you don’t have good equipment, build a few blocks in front of your door to keep monsters from knocking it down.
3. Mine, go exploring.
Use your pickaxe to mine. It’s probably best if your mine is somewhat connected to your main base so that you can mine at night time without worries. Some elements, like iron or tin, or even ultra rare gold and silver, will be used in crafting. Another good thing to do is explore the area. You might find some pretty good stuff sitting in pots and chests if you explore. One possible issue with this is… well… if you find a place that seems darker and has purple grass, GET OUT NOW!!!! That Biome is called The Corruption. If you go in to far without proper equipment, you will die. Period.
Well, that concludes this basic guide. You can probably find a guide out there for crafting stuff and such, but I won’t go into all that detail. Keep playing and have fun!


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