Unturned 2.0 Christian Review

By: Austin Rose
Ever wondered what a zombie apocalypse would look like? Well, I haven’t really. But I can tell you this: Unturned is not what a zombie apocalypse would look like. (Note: This game is early in development and this review centers around the current version “2.0”. There is a new version “3.0” coming soon, and this review is not about that version.)
Story (6/10):
All I can gather about the story is that you (a naked Minecraft-looking dude) are trapped in Canada during a zombie apocalypse. Not much story-line here.
Game-play (8/10):
There are two maps in this game: PEI (Prince Edwards Island) and Arena. PEI is filled with towns and zombies, and Arena is a wilderness area with animals.
This game controls pretty well. WASD is to run around, X is to crouch, Z is to crawl, left click punches/uses whatever item you have equipped, F grabs items, tab opens inventory, ESC opens the menu, etc.
You’ll also want to find a backpack somewhere in the area and wear it so you can carry more items. It is very helpful.
Graphics (7/10):
The graphics with this game are not top-notch, but when you get into this game, you won’t care. The characters look like Minecraft, if that gives you any ideas.
Violence (6/10):
This game is pretty violent… unless you mess with the settings. Without tweaking settings, the first time you play this, you’re going to be splattering blood all over the ground and other areas when you’re killing the zombies. BUT… if you go into graphics and change the settings from “Bloody” to “Peaceful”, the game will be rated E for everyone and you’ll be happy. When a zombie is slain, it will lay on the ground, evidently dead. Also, when you find a vaccination, you’ll watch your character prick the needle into his arm (Ew…).
All in all, this is a pretty good survival game with great gameplay and average graphics. If you like DayZ and Minecraft, you will like this game. This game is available for free early access on Steam.


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